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Organic honey from Ariant


Net Weight 450 g

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Organoleptic properties

Visual appearance

Light amber colour, maximum 45 mm Pfund.


Delicate and short-lasting floral aroma.


Very sweet with spicy notes.


Tends to crystallise quickly forming small crystals.

Pollen spectrum

26.5% Echium (Echium spp.) main melliferous plant, 5% clover (Trifolium/Lotus sp.), 2.5% lavender (Lavandula spp.) and 1% Mediterranean buckthorn (Rhamnus alaternus) as principal additional melliferous plants.

Geographical origin

Ariant is an estate located in the municipality of Pollença in the north of Mallorca in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, which have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It covers 1000 hectares and is run by the Fundació Vida Silvestre de la Meditarrània (Mediterranean Wildlife Foundation). The estate features a farm area in the valley as well as fully wild landscapes with many cliffs, caves, chasms, streams, high plateaus and rock formations shaped by the forces of nature.

Botanical origin

Ariant features plants that grow on uncultivated land, weeds that grow among the crops and more specifically mountainous flora, including native species such as Majorca Saint John’s wort (Hypericum balearicum) and plant communities typical of the Mediterranean climate that are of great interest to bees such as legumes (Fabaceae), common myrtle (Myrtus communis), asphodel (Asphodelus spp.), Mediterranean thistles (Galactite tomentosa), lavender (Lavandula spp.), Echium (Echium spp.), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), many-flowered Mediterranean heather (Erica multiflora), holm oaks (Quercux ilex) and common hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna). There is also a four-hectare garden with plants from Mediterranean climates originating from Australia, California, Chile, Peru and South Africa.